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Byju's employee shares tearful video: 'Was told to resign or else my salary…’

Akansha Khemka said she is the sole breadwinner in the family and if Byju's does not release her dues soon, she will have no money left to feed her family and may eventually be driven to kill herself.

July 27, 2023 / 07:23 PM IST
Screenshots from video shared by Akansha Khemka, an academic specialist with Byju's.

Screenshots from video shared by Akansha Khemka, an academic specialist with Byju's.

A Byju's employee, who is allegedly been marked for layoff, has shared a tearful video claiming that the edtech company has been forcing her to resign and threatening to withhold her salary beyond August 1, if she doesn't.

Akansha Khemka, an academic specialist with the beleaguered company, said that being the sole breadwinner of the house, she would be driven to commit suicide if Byjus does not release all her dues. She had been working with the company for about a year and a half.

In a video shared on LinkedIn on July 26, a tearful Khemka said, "I was abruptly told in a meeting that I have to quit the company by July 28 or else I won't get my salary on August 1. They'll need around 30-35 more days. I am the only earning member in the family, my husband is unwell, I have loans to repay, how will survive if they don't release my salary on the first?"

She added that during the meeting where her termination was announced, her manager told her that she was being laid off because of her performance and behaviour. But, when Khemka approached the HR, she was told that wasn't the reason why she was being let go.

"Byju's had also promised variable pay, and I took loans for my family accordingly, but the company never paid up and now the vendors are after me. Where do I go? How will I eat?" Khemka said in the video.

She also said that had the company given her at least a month's notice she would have been able to look for another job and not be left in the lurch at the end of the month.

Talking about the purpose of sharing the video, Khemka said that if more people watched it, it could create pressure on the company to release her salary and her other dues. "I have not taken a single day's leave in this company. I want my salary, I want my variable pay, I want to encash my paid leaves and I want my PF payments cleared," she said. "Unless the company releases the money, I will not be able to feed my family and in this condition, and may have to eventually commit suicide."

The Byju's employee also appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for help. "The Indian government makes statements on justice abroad, at least ensure that the people of your country are given justice. Byju's is taking money from parents and not allocating classes to them, employees are being laid off without any notice," she said.

Further elaborating on a problem that social media has been flooded with -- complaints from parents, especially regarding refunds, Khemka said, "They burned through all the parents' money. Every time there's a meeting, parents keep demanding their money back. Why is this happening? Byju's has been eating away everybody's money. What they are doing with parents and employees is fraud."

Also, Khemka requested other professionals not to join Byju's. "Do whatever you want in life, teach wherever, do not get a job at Byju's and ruin your lives. I ruined 1.5 years of my life here."

Khemka's video comes hours after reports of Byju Raveendran, Byju's eponymous founder and CEO, breaking down in tears defending his company amid multiple crises including offices being vacated, board members and auditors resigning from the company.

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Ankita Sengupta
first published: Jul 27, 2023 07:12 pm

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