Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP)


The LOSAP is a county or municipal funded program. At present, 18 counties and two municipalities administer programs. Programs are funded out of the general operating budget, dedicated fire-rescue tax, or an annuity. Since LOSAP is either a county or municipal funded program, service time and points are not transferable from county to county. The committee is furnished the LOSAP’s from the counties and compiles a LOSAP Information Manual. This manual is updated as enhancements are received. It is available on request. Counties use this manual as a guide to start a LOSAP or to enhance present programs.


In addition, a one-page summary comparing each of the county’s current LOSAP benefits is also available. It is a quick reference and is being requested more often than the manual. Please contact your Fire Company’s LOSAP Coordinator for further info and if you have any questions.