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MFRI Training and Classes

The Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute at the University of Maryland offers courses designed to increase the safety and effectiveness of firefighters in both classroom and live settings. For a full list of classes and schedules for your region, go to this link and choose your region from the dropdown menu.


Beyond Hoses and Helmets

There’s more to firefighting today than meets the eye. What about leadership? Communication? Team building?


Strategy and Tactics of Leading a Volunteer or Combination Fire/Rescue Organization: Pierce Fire Apparatus and the Volunteer and Combination Officers Section (VCOS) of the IAFC are pleased to offer this educational training course designed by practicing chief officers that delivers real world expertise through an interactive educational experience.

The United States Fire Administration and the National Emergency Training Center provided technical support in the development of course material and supporting documents. Beyond Hoses and Helmets offers instruction in the following areas:


Team building
Training development
Conflict resolution
Principles of negotiation
Verbal communications


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FROG: Fire Rescue Organizational Guidance for Volunteer Leaders

The higher you go, the more there is to know. Get a leg up with this graduate-level course for leaders.


Volunteer and Combination Officers Section of the IAFC


This course is an intensive 2.5 day, hands-on workshop designed as graduate-level leadership training for leaders of volunteer and combination fire departments that picks up where VCOS’s Beyond Hoses & Helmets course leaves off.


Participants work together to develop solutions to common leadership challenges through scenario and facilitated-based discussions. Topics include analyzing and understanding the fire department’s people, processes and culture. At the conclusion of the course, participants will have practical guidelines, customized to their organization, which can be immediately implemented upon returning home.


The course was developed by the Volunteer & Combination Officers Section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

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Leading the Transition in Volunteer & Combination Departments (LTC)

There are three types of departments: All volunteer, career, and combination. What happens when a department changes its status? This course helps you deal with the changes.


This program is available to assist departments that are changing status; from all volunteer to combination and increasing the combination factor. There are also discussions about moving from a career department to a combination department.

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