The SAFER Grant


In 2014 the Maryland State Firemen’s Association (MSFA) and the Maryland Fire Chiefs Association (MFCA) were awarded a SAFER grant. This grant is being administered by a Joint Oversight Committee which consists of representation from both the MSFA and the MFCA.


In order for MSFA to meet the grant requirements, we need to show that 10,000 new volunteers have joined since September 2014. In an effort to report our results and to improve ongoing communication with our existing members, the MSFA has created a new membership system. This is where we need your help. Either enter your info on the simple form here or if you are a company secretary or membership person, please download this company form, follow the instructions on the form and send it through to


There are also two programs currently offered by the Safer Grant: Tuition Reimbursement and Firefighter Physicals. The procedures for both can be found under the links to both programs. Please click on the links for more information.


The grant also has funding available for committees to use for Recruitment and Retention, Training and Marketing. The forms to request funding for those projects can be found under the links below. Please refer to these documents for submission to the Oversight Committee for any project considerations.


Any questions regarding these two programs, project requests, or reimbursement for payment by participants or vendors can be sent via email to Elaine Custead, the Safer Grant Project Coordinator.


Tuition Reimbursement Program
MSFA Tuition Contract Final.docx revised 9.16
Tuition Affidavit.docx final
Tuition application final
Tuition_Reimbursement_Program_Guidelines MSFA SAFER.docx revised [3743544].docx final revised


Forms for Firefighter Physicals
Firefighter History and Physical Form approved [1930447]
Firefighter OSHA RESPIRATOR QUESTIONNAIRE - approved [1930448]
Firefighter Summary Profile approved [1930449]
Memo explanation of Physical Process Final
Occupational Medicine Doctors[1682881]
Clinic List for Western Maryland[1682880]
SAFER Grant Physicals Affidavit


Forms to be filled out for all vendors or committees requesting Safer Project Funds
SAFER request for reimbursement
SAFER Grant Project Participation Affidavit
MSFA Project Initiation Request[258559]
Application for Payment