Not all volunteers fight fires... but every volunteer makes a difference in the community.


Why Volunteer?

For some people, it’s a sense of belonging. Of being part of something bigger than themselves. For a cause that’s higher than themselves. If you’ve ever wanted to serve your community, now is the time to stand up and be counted on. Volunteer. And be your best you.




The real reward is how you’ll feel about yourself, but there are some thoughtful benefits to thank you for your service: LOSAP (Length of Service Award Program), state income tax deduction, life and disability insurance, scholarship opportunities, various merchandise and service discounts, and specialty license plate. Benefits vary by county so please ask for specific information when you speak with someone from your area.

Do you have what it takes to put others before yourself? Integrity, honesty, courage, selflessness, being a team player, compassion, commitment and competence. The competence will come from training to ensure a job is done safely and effectively. Other requirements vary by county so please ask a representative from your county for more details.

What you’ll do is important, as others are depending on you to come through. Actual responsibilities vary by location, but every volunteer that responds to calls must complete training and selflessly protect their community at all times. Again, not all volunteers respond to calls, but everyone makes a difference. Let's talk about how you can help.

What Type of Volunteer Can You Be?

The MSFA is calling for your assistance. Yes, we need volunteer firefighters and EMTs, but the accountants, marketers, IT experts, fundraising coordinators and office support staff who volunteer their time at the local fire company are just as important. Everyone has a little time in their lives to spare. Volunteering at your local fire company is worth every minute. So if you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to serve, now is a great time to find out more.


Firefighters do much more than just put out fires. As designated protectors of their communities, they attend to emergency events from fires to road accidents to floods. They also meet with their communities to teach fire safety.

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Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are certified to render first aid to patients in the field, then triage, stabilize and transport patients to the hospital. In some areas, EMTs are also firefighters, rescue technicians, or special operations personnel that perform more than medical assistance.

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Administrative and associate members provide a variety of support services to fire companies. They often assist with the business operations of the fire company, including but not limited to fundraising, record keeping, maintenance, and other administrative functions.

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Auxiliary members work behind the front lines. They help in fundraising, community awareness efforts, and sometimes provide support during major incidents. They may help take care of firefighting equipment. Their time and skills go wherever the fire companies need assistance.

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The Junior Firefighter and Cadet programs are open to those under 18. Through training and ride-alongs, they experience what it’s like to be a firefighter or emergency service provider. This program gives young adults a look into possible career paths, and challenges them to become responsible citizens within their communities. Please reach out to your local fire company to get info on what programs are available in your area.


*Learn about the Maryland Child Labor Law here

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